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Does anyone out there know how to get rid of this damn flower? It is not very Fergal MacDermott.


Man Chow Breakfast

I had this for breakfast this morning with a pitcher of whiskey. It was a good way to start me day.









Since I don’t go to the store ever (I’m not a woman), this was all the cereal I had. I mixed 2 cups of each in a big ol’ pot with me bare hands.









This here mixture is roughly 2 cups o’ chocolate chips, 1 cup o’ peanut butter and 1/2 a cup of fresh churned butter from Mrs. O’Land-O’ Lakes next door. I melted it over the fire and poured it over the cereal. Then I dumped all that mess into a sack with a great deal of powdered sugar and gave it a good shake.











There’s me breakfast. Serves one. Now I’m ready for a long day o’ pickin potatoes (and women).


Hello. I am Fergal MacDermott. I am currently sitting in The Golden Lion, which is my favorite bar, smoking lounge, restaurant and gathering place of loose women. I enjoy eating, smoking, drinking and consorting with the fairer sex. I am beginning this blog at the suggestion of my bartender and godfather, Murtagh O’Malley. We are displaced Irishmen trying to make our mark on America. He suggested that I record my experiences with cooking, drinkology and womanizing, and I have decided to do so on this blog. I hope you enjoy irresponsibly.

They’re after me Lucky Charms (yes we really say this in the motherland)-