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Bourbon Brownies

Grab a box o’ brownies (fudgey-like) and cook to directions. Add lots of chocolate chips. 

Poke with a fork. Drench with bourbon, and let sit. Cover so the alcohol doesn’t escape.

Take a can of maraschino cherries.

Pour out the juice. Fill with bourbon.

Let sit for a few hours so the cherries absorb the bourbon. Great alone as Cherry Bourbon Bombs.

Cut brownies, top with vanilla ice cream….

….chocolate syrup, and cherries.


Bacon Cake

For those who said it couldn’t be done. Sweet, savory, and topped with alcohol – just like my women.

1.) Grab yer favorite Just-Add-Water pancake mix, and just add water. Use about 3 cups of mix, the correct portion of water, then throw in some oil for good luck. Pour into a greased 9 x 13 pan, and cook until done. Drink half a cup of whiskey.

2.) Pull apart an entire pack of quality Maple bacon, and weave together like a pie crust (or so my woman says). Put foil on a cookie sheet, and put the weave on this. Throw some brown sugar on that shit, and put in the oven at about 400 degrees until bacon is cooked.

3.) Make a SAUCE. Mix 1 stick of butter and about a cup of brown sugar in a sauce pan. Cook until sugar dissolves. Add some vanilla, and the remaining half cup o’ whiskey.

4.) Slap Bacon Weave atop Pancake Cake. Pour whiskey sauce on top. Serve with whiskey.

Man Chow Breakfast

I had this for breakfast this morning with a pitcher of whiskey. It was a good way to start me day.









Since I don’t go to the store ever (I’m not a woman), this was all the cereal I had. I mixed 2 cups of each in a big ol’ pot with me bare hands.









This here mixture is roughly 2 cups o’ chocolate chips, 1 cup o’ peanut butter and 1/2 a cup of fresh churned butter from Mrs. O’Land-O’ Lakes next door. I melted it over the fire and poured it over the cereal. Then I dumped all that mess into a sack with a great deal of powdered sugar and gave it a good shake.











There’s me breakfast. Serves one. Now I’m ready for a long day o’ pickin potatoes (and women).