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Sunday Day

This weekend was rather enjoyable, I must say. On Friday night, my lovely wife and I attended the opera. We saw Pagliacci. It was the most fun I’ve ever had. Ever! My wife and I retired to bed early. We did NOT make love.

On Saturday, I woke up early so I could go to the store and procure ingredients for a healthful breakfast of grass. I spent the afternoon reading a wonderful book called “The Bible”. For lunch, we feasted on grass and drank fresh milk from our gorgeous pet cow, Bitsy. That evening, we played board games until 8pm. It was quite wild. Our evening meal was grass sandwiches. Also, my wife and I once again, did NOT make love.

On Sunday, I woke up early, attended Church, and looked up some cute hairstyles for my lovely wife online. She is a treasure. We ate grass for every meal. This was a fun weekend!



Me Weekend

I’m going to be honest with ye. I don’t remember a Blarney that happened this entire weekend. Not even making those delicious recipes, which I will try sometime. I promise to start being better at remembering things after I black out. FERGAL OUT!


Does anyone out there know how to get rid of this damn flower? It is not very Fergal MacDermott.


Hello. I am Fergal MacDermott. I am currently sitting in The Golden Lion, which is my favorite bar, smoking lounge, restaurant and gathering place of loose women. I enjoy eating, smoking, drinking and consorting with the fairer sex. I am beginning this blog at the suggestion of my bartender and godfather, Murtagh O’Malley. We are displaced Irishmen trying to make our mark on America. He suggested that I record my experiences with cooking, drinkology and womanizing, and I have decided to do so on this blog. I hope you enjoy irresponsibly.

They’re after me Lucky Charms (yes we really say this in the motherland)-